Trauma on the Highway

A Tough Conversation

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Trauma on the Highway

Tonight, we featured both active duty and retired Highway Patrol. Our hosts were joined by Kevin Heath, Aaron Back, and our good friend, Brad Shepherd. We talked about the difference in the subset of law enforcement, the trauma on the road, and retirement. This was the longest conversation in the history of Trauma Behind the Badge...and it was a good one.

Kevin Heath is an active duty Trooper working in North Carolina for 25 yrs. He has been involved in multiple critical incidents over the years and is a peer member on our Members Assistance Team, Peer member of NC LEAP (NC Law Enforcement Assistance Program), instructor at our Basic Training Academy as well as multiple other roles within the department.

Aaron Back is also an active duty Trooper in North Carolina and the founder of NC LEAP.

Brad Shepherd started his career as a trooper in the eastern side of Oklahoma. Brad spent the 11 of the first 13 years of his career working the road as a trooper with varying collateral duties on tactical team and honor guard before beginning his journey special duty full time assignments or promotions.

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