The Shift

A Tough Conversation

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Shift

This was a tough conversation about First Responder Wellness with Special Guest Matt Fiorenza from Shift Wellness. Matt Fiorenza has proudly served as a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Anaheim in Orange County, Calif. for 19 years. After ten years on the job, working on the busiest units in the city, Matt began to experience some of the negative effects that the job can encompass. He received an on-the-job injury that required surgery, experienced multiple critical incident stressors, had extended time away from his family, and eventually faced a divorce. Matt ultimately found himself in a deep depression with no escape hatch. Thoughts of suicide, a struggle with alcohol use and depression consumed his life until he reached out for help. Matt's journey of healing has put him on an incredible path of hope and resilience. Through his trials and recovery, he has found a passion for sharing his story and encouraging others. He speaks all over the county and has been a Keynote Speaker at PSPSA in San Diego, IPSA in Arizona and Fire House World.

Matt with the help of his team at Shift Wellness created a retreat for First Responder Spouses called Sage Retreat. Matt is a trusted member of Anaheim Fire & Rescues Peer support team, a husband, a father and a healthy brother in service.

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