Family Behind the Badge Episode 3

A Tough Conversation

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Family Behind the Badge Episode 3

A tough conversation with hosts Chris Scallon, Doug Monda, Chris Fields, Raul Rivas, and the spouses of First Responders, Karen Monda, Rachelle Zemlock, and Tiffany Atalla.

In the third episode of Family Behind the Badge, the spouses got a chance to answer some questions and have real talk about what support and resources are out there. Karen, co-founder of Survive First and spouse of a First Responder, shared how Survive First helps Spouses and Families with support and resources. Tiffany, from Shift Wellness, shared with us about the Sage Retreats for Spouses of First Responders.

Rachelle, from First Responder Family Psychology, not only wrote the book on Families of First Responders, but also creates FREE and helpful content for First Responders and their Families. She has a blog, video courses, and a podcast for First Responder families called, "CODE 3 Families". Don't forget to get a copy of her book: "The Firefighter Family Academy: A Guide to Educate & Prepare Spouses for the Career Ahead" (Available where books are sold).

This was such an amazing series. Stay tuned for more series and resources...

Check out the replay:

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